Millwood Kindergarten Center

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The MKC school office is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fall field trips scheduled for October

Students are scheduled to visit the West Valley Outdoor Learning Center at the beginning of the month. While there, students will learn about the amazing world of weather as well as the role of changing seasons! The scheduled times for each class to visit the Outdoor Learning Center are as follows:

October 6: Collins

October 7: Moss and Staley

October 11: Schweda

October 12: Groh and Skay

October 14: J. Martin and L. Martin

October 18: Flaherty and Stephan


During the field trip to Walters’ Fruit Ranch, students will explore a local farm near Green Bluff and bring home a few goodies. The scheduled times for classes to visit the ranch are as follows:

October 21: Collins, Flaherty, Groh, L. Martin, Moss

October 22: J. Martin, Schweda, Skay, Staley, Stephan
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