Millwood Kindergarten Center

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The MKC school office is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Staff Directory


Ty McGregor Principal email
Tammy Kimberley Head Secretary email
Heidi Laughlin Assistant Secretary email




Grace Beery Nurse email
Joe Bodey Custodian email
Glenda Bray Paraeducator email
CC Collins Kindergarten teacher email 
Pedro Diaz Jr. Counselor email 
Melissa Fennen STEAM teacher email 
Cassie Flaherty Kindergarten teacher email 
Starla Flock Paraeducator email
Megan Frederick Speech therapist email
Jaime Groh Kindergarten teacher email 
Britny Grovom Paraeducator email
Rachel Hanson Cafeteria assistant email
Jennifer Hille Music teacher email
Amanda Kazmi Special Education email
Kenzie Kilmer Building Substitute email
Jody Lund Interventionist email 
Jenae Martin Kindergarten teacher email
Leah Martin Kindergarten teacher email 
Athena Mays Health Room Aide email
Natasha Moss Kindergarten teacher email
Lisa Mularski ELL teacher email 
Tiffany Osborn Cafeteria Manager email
JoAnn Schweda Kindergarten teacher email
Sarah Souders Psychologist email 
McCall Skay Kindergarten teacher email
Anna Staley Kindergarten teacher email 
Duane Statler Custodian email
Niki Stephan Kindergarten teacher email 
Jeanine Wolfe Physical Education email