About Our School

"Our community values the gifts of each child while building a foundation for all students to achieve high levels of growth and a love for learning." 

- Millwood Kindergarten Center mission statement


Welcome to Kindergarten!

Entering kindergarten is a great milestone; it is the beginning of an entire lifetime of learning and exploration. Safety and care of our students is a top priority.  Everything we do at MKC is designed specifically with kindergarten students in mind!


The kindergarten center is a full day program and serves approximately 200 students from around the West Valley School District attendance area.  All of our kindergarten classrooms are taught by highly-qualified teachers who are dedicated to meeting the needs of each child and moving them forward.  Whether it be the playground, cafeteria, classroom or the bus, children are under the careful watch of trained professionals who are committed to keeping our students safe.   


Why does WVSD have a Kindergarten Center?

The Washington State Legislature designated funds in 2016 to reduce class size for kindergarten through third grade. Having fewer students in each class creates a need for additional classroom space. The WVSD School Board voted unanimously to take advantage of the funding to reduce class size and re-purposed Millwood to house the district kindergarten students. Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, kindergarten students in the West Valley School District started to attend the Millwood Kindergarten Center at 8818 E. Grace.