Millwood Kindergarten Center

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About Our School

Millwood Kindergarten Center’s Mission Statement
Millwood Kindergarten Center believes in inspiring children to learn and discover while setting a foundation for their future. This is done by honoring and respecting the individual needs of each student in a nurturing, child-friendly environment. Millwood is a school specifically designed for kindergarten students.

Welcome to Kindergarten!

The kindergarten center is a full day program and serves approximately 200 students from around the West Valley School District attendance area.  Entering kindergarten is a great milestone; it is the beginning of an entire lifetime of learning and exploration.  All of our kindergarten classrooms are taught by highly-qualified teachers who are dedicated to meeting the needs of each child and moving them forward.  Safety and care of our students is a top priority.  Whether it be the playground, cafeteria, classroom or the bus, children are under the careful watch of trained professionals who are committed to keeping our students safe.   



Why a Kindergarten Center?

The Washington State Legislature has designated funds to reduce class size for kindergarten through third grade beginning with the 2016-17 school year.


Having fewer students in each class creates a need for additional classroom space.  A committee of stakeholder representatives was formed to study the options for creating the necessary classroom space.  After months of research, staff presentations, and a public forum, the committee completed their work and made a recommendation to the school board to re-purpose Millwood Early Childhood Center into a district kindergarten center.


The School Board voted unanimously to take advantage of the funding to reduce class size and re-purpose Millwood to house the district kindergarten students.  Kindergarten students will attend the Millwood Kindergarten Center at 8818 E. Grace beginning with the 2016-17 school year.