Millwood Kindergarten Center

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Students participate in music classes two or three times per week where they engage in vocal and physical warm-ups with singing, dancing and a variety of musical activities. The aim of the class is to develop skills such as singing voices, instrument use and care, body coordination through motions and dance, and preparing for performances. Most of all, music is a place for kindergarteners to have fun while developing their musical repertoire!


Numerous studies have provided evidence that participation in music classes and lessons increases the growth of the “creative brain” and provides an emotional outlet to express artistry and personal identity. By providing music classes, schools increase their students’ involvement in the arts, provide a great opportunity for community outreach through concerts and other activities, and help nurture the survival of musical cultures from around the world.


Music teacher Nathan Westlund said, “I encourage parents to share music with their students. Classical, jazz, music from their own cultures, etc. The more diverse a student’s musical outlook is, the better!”


For more on the music program, contact Mr. Westlund at or 509-922-5469, ext. 2718.